The Randlords

On a winter’s day in July 1886, gold was discovered on a farm called Langlaagte in the Witwatersrand (translated as White Water’s Edge – “the Rand” for short), triggering the greatest gold rush the world had ever seen.

Thousands swooped in and vied for a piece of the action. Enterprising entrepreneurs enriched by the preceding diamond rush in Kimberley, a mere 290 miles (470 km) away, seized the opportunity of golden promise and set out to capitalize on the precious metal yields.

These entrepreneurs would become known as the Randlords.

Feel the rush and mine your way to glory in The Randlords board game. Assume the role of a Randlord with varying advantages and play with as few as two players.

Strategize carefully with water, steel and dynamite as your key resources and avoid a collapsed mine! Or better yet, collapse your opponents mines to keep their yields low. After all, why play nice?

The Randlords board game will keep you entertained, but ensure you keep your wits about you – a pay off or a disaster could be right around the corner.

The Randlords is Wicked Meeple’s first feature game. The game has been in development for more that 3 years, and will be launched in 2023.

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