Who are we?

Wicked Meeple Games (WMG) is a game designer and publisher for gamers by gamers. We create Eurostyle Board Games with unique twists on tried and tested game mechanics.

The Randlords, WMG’s first flagship game, has been in development for almost 2 years. We are now in the process of preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign later in 2022. WMG has already started early development of their next game.

WMG was founded by Adrian Frost, Andrew Human and Armond ‘Monty’ Furmie. Since then, we’ve added Juan Furmie and Ran Doe to the team.

Monty Furmie

Armond ‘Monty’ Furmie is an accomplished Software Engineer, with more than 25 years experience in the Web Applications software design and development industry.

Monty is a specialist in automation software and workflow architecture. He is skilled in developing secure, scalable web applications. As a CTO with ThisIsMe for more than 5 years, Monty enjoys creative problem solving and executing intricate solutions to complex problems. He is creative, with a passion for design and art, and spends much of his spare time converting experimental ideas into tangible prototypes – from software to cooking to woodworking and DIY.
Over the past 7 years, Monty has developed a keen interest in board games, and is actively growing his collection. In 2020, he co-founded Wicked Meeple Games to start designing and building board games. Monty and his team at Wicked Meeple emerged from stealth mode at the end of 2021 after working on their debut board game, The Randlords for almost 2 years.

Andrew Human

For the better part of his employment career, Andrew Human worked in the Publishing Industry. He initially studied to become an IT Technician, but somehow Sales and Operations were the two areas that most interested him. Having worked at a range of companies, from supply chain to printing and publishing, Andrew now has his feet firmly in the desktop publishing support industry as an operations manager.

Andrew recalls never really being into board games apart from the typical household copies of Monopoly and scrabble. This was all set to change when, on a fishing trip with Adrian and Monty, he was introduced to the experiential world of craft board games. Soon thereafter, Andrew was invited to Monty’s home, where he discovered close to 100 board games and realised just how vast the world of board gaming truly is.

Monty approached Adrian and Andrew a few weeks later saying, “Guys, let’s create a board game!” and Andrew accepted without hesitation.

Andrew feels excited and privileged to be part of an amazing creation that he says “will definitely blow mines!

Adrian Frost

Adrian Frost is creative at heart. He started his career in the Navy Band to satisfy his musical interests before moving on to a career in photography.

Food has always played an influencing role in his life, as such he has established himself as a food photographer over the past 12 years. During this time, he has also ventured into baking as a hobby and most recently started a small butchery as the family roots run deep.

Over the years, his interest in board games grew through the influence of his old friend Monty. Many late-night gaming sessions eventually resulted in the creation of Wicked Meeple Games. With work almost complete on their first board game, Adrian is already salivating at the next opportunity to stretch his quirky, creative muscle.

Ran Doe

Illustration and design.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Ran had a keen interest in art and design from a young age. He recalls his first drawing was probably of an egg or a potato or the moon. Or perhaps it was an abstract summary of the general theory of relativity. It gets a bit fuzzy, but he knows it was art.

Now, with over 15 years in the publishing industry and having always been into console gaming, Wicked Meeple crossed his path and he excitedly hitched a ride to discover a whole new world of gaming which he’d never been exposed to before.

A book designer by day, graphic artist by night. Ran was knighted in the Wicked Meeple Order and is enthusiastically looking forward to see just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Juan Furmie

Since the moment his brother, Monty, brought home an Amiga to experiment with, Juan Furmie has been excited by technology and the possibilities it holds. A quick hop over the neighbour’s fence was another exciting day with a Nintendo and heading to high school just increased the exposure to the capability of the machine. Juan was assured of his involvement in a connected world and dove head first into it after leaving school.

As the co-founder and CEO of ThisIsMe (a Fintech/Regtech company), Juan has faced the enumerable challenges of starting and running a business and is excited at the prospect of empowering teams and clients alike.

With a love for people and community, Juan is energised by anything that brings people together. Having come on board the Wicked Meeple project a number of months after its inception, Juan enjoys contributing his creative and networking skills to the project and the opportunity to work with his WM team mates.

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